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Chan Master Hsuan Hua

Events: Retreats, Medtiation classes, Ceremonies and more

Resources: audios, videos, books

Buddhist Text translation Society: Translations of Buddhism texts (Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Vietnamnese and more)

FREE download: audio, video and texts


Chan Master YongHua

Every Saturday FREE Meditation class 8:45 AM 

Every Sunday Dharma Assembly + Sutra Lectures 8:00 AM

Fo Qi Budha Recitation Retreat

Chan Qi Meditation Rereat 

LIve Dharma talk online

FREE download: Audio, Video and texts


Lisbon, Portugal

There's a group of meditators who regularly visit Lu Mountain Temple and train in Chan Meditation in Lisbon, Portugal. They organize regular sitting meditation, retreat and other events in Portugal. For more information, visit their website at or contact

선수행 네이버 블로그

주인장 샤나입니다. 절에서 매년 두번씩 암거할때 마다, 법문 내용, 깨달은 점들, 떠오른 생각 등을 적어서 올려봅니다. 


선수행, 노산사 (Lu Mountain Temple), 선화상인, 사진, 법문노트 등

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