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My Meditation Superpower

At the world congress of anti-aging annual meeting, I met a CEO of another company and started a conversation. And then he came to my booth and asked me about meditation.

I told him... Do you know lots of people think that meditation is just to sit and relax and that's about it. But in fact, meditation can give you so much more than that..With proper teaching, and training, you can go much further and get a lot of benefits and you can open wisdom. You can buy a medical textbook and read, and think you know about medicine. But to become a great doctor, you need to receive proper training. Meditation is the same thing. You have a good teacher, you can learn and achieve a lot more.

He said... you can levitate or have out of body experience something like that you mean?

I said.. no in Buddhism, we don't do those things. Levitation, leaving the body, seeing the past or healing others. These can naturally happen through meditation practice and in fact, many people can unfold their abilities like that .. but this is what we call "monkey business". We are taught not to make a big deal out of it when you have those abilities. . In my case, I experienced something much more amazing.

He said.. What is it???

I told him... I can now talk to my dad without getting upset! That is a miracle and that is my life long dream.

He and I laughed..

I said... you have no idea how amazing that is. all my life, I just wished to talk to him without being angry and meditation helped me do so.

And he told me.. In fact....2 years ago, my daughter got in a car accident and passed away. Today is the anniversary and she would have been 23 years old this year. Every day, my mind is in pain thinking of her. Thank you very much for sharing your story. Maybe today there's a reason I met you and hear that story.

He picked up our meditation flyer and went back to his booth and told me that he wants to try meditation.

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