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American Chan Meditation is coming to New York.

Chan meditation is the most advanced form of Mahayana Buddhist meditation. Passed down directly from the Buddha through his lineage of Patriarchs to the present, the power of Chan Meditation has been taught to seekers of enlightenment in Asia for thousands of years.

“Chan Meditation Beyond Mindfulness” presents these ancient skills to the West in an accessible, easy to follow format so we call it "American Chan". From the basic stretches to the all-encompassing foundations of Buddhism, Chan Master YongHua will reveal the extraordinary method of Chan Meditation, which can benefit all people, regardless of their religious affiliation.

American Chan is coming to New York City.

Let me share a little bit of my background. I have been practicing Chan about seven years under my teacher, Chan Master YongHua. I started to introduce Chan style of meditation with my master’s guidance a few years ago and I started noticing that the majority of my students have tried many types of meditation already. They came to me because they want to have quicker and better results or needed more personalized guidance to resolve issues or problems in their practice. Chan is rather more vigorous and demanding but produces greater results. People follow it because they experience solid results.

When I visited New York city earlier in this year, I have learned how meditation is in great demands and of course, there are many people with questions and issues in their meditation practice.

So I decided to organize a series of Chan meditation classes in New York including Wall street, Time Square, Madison, Midtown, Queens and so on. Hopefully, people can find answers and tips to progress further from this opportunity. All classes will be free of charge.

Why is my Chan meditation class free?

It’s because my master, Master YongHua, has taught me everything I know about meditation and he never wanted anything from me. In fact, Chan meditation is a life changing experience. I felt so grateful (and I still do) so I decided to share this wonderful experience with others.


Dharma Host: Master YongHua

Chan Master YongHua is the founder of Lu Mountain Temple and Wei Mountain Temple located in Southern California. Master YongHua provides individualized guidance to help each person find the methods that are most appropriate to their current cultivation level. Currently he teaches both left-home and lay disciples worldwide.

Venerable XianXin

Venerable XianXin started learning Chan meditation from Master YongHua since 2007. She became fascinated by the clarity of mind, insights and inner peace through the practice. She left home life in order to dedicate her life to practice Chan and support others in cultivating Mahayana Buddhism. She has a Bachelor's degree in Computer science from UC Davis and had a career as a software engineer. Currently, she guides the beginner Chan students at Lu Mountain temple.

Lay Instructor: Shana Han

Shana Han is the founder and CEO of Hansderma, Inc. She has successfully established her business on her own after moving to the US alone. She is now a meditation instructor national wide. For the past years, Shana has dedicated her time to practice Chan and Mahayana Buddhism. Because she got so much out of this practice, she decided to share this wonderful experience with others. With her teacher’s help, Dharma Master YongHua, she started to teach Chan Meditation.

To learn more about Chan meditation workshop in New York, visit

If you want to support what we do, you can contribute through


Event Schedule in New York

Tuesday, October 23 From 6:00 to 7:30 PM

WeWork Wall Street 110 Wall Street New York, NY 10005 (Wall St x Front St)

Wednesday, October 24 From 12 Noon to 1:30 PM

WeWork Wall Street 110 Wall Street New York, NY10005

Wednesday, October 24 From 6:00 to 7:30 PM

WeWork 575 Fifth 575 5th Ave New York, NY 10017

Thursday, October 25 From 5:00 to 6:30 PM

WeWork Queens Plaza 27th st, Queens NY 11101 (Between Queens Plaza & 41th Ave)

Friday, October 26 From 5:30 to 7:00 PM

WeWork NoMad 79 Madison Ave 8th Fl. New York NY 10016 (Madison Ave x E 28st St)

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