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Recently, we started selling some meditation / recitation 108 beads on Amazon to support those free meditation classes we organize along with Master YongHua's publications.

I feel that it's not so easy to find proper Dharma instruments such as meditation bell, 108 beads and meditation sitting mat in the West. Yes, there are tons of things online but for me, I need practical things that I can really use for daily practice, not those fancy looking things.

For example, I'd prefer wooden beads for mantra recitation. I bought some fancy looking ones made of jades or stones when I was more novice about it. When you practice reciting mantra or buddha's name, it is much easier to have lighter wooden or seed beads.

When I visited Korea in the past few years, I was able to visit Buddhist expo. I found some merchants who produce those beads. Since Korea is culturally very buddhist, they have practical beads for recitation.

When you buy those beads from Western Sages Foundation on Amazon, the fund will support our free classes and other activities for the community.

You can visit Western Sages Foundation Amazon store.

I will soon write a blog why mantra is beneficial and how to practice mantras properly.

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