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Hello, my name is Shana, 


and I started to learn Chan meditation from Lu Mountain Temple since 2012.


I learned so much more than what I expected when I first started. Chan practice has changed my life inside and out in many positive ways. My teacher, Dharma Master YongHua, has taught me so much without wanting anything in return so I decided to start a local meditation group to share it with others and hope to make a small contribution in the community.


Although I took the refuge in 2013 and became a Buddhist, this meditation group is not about the religion. Just like my teacher has taught me in order to help me resolve my personal struggles and problems, I also want this group to be helpful for others to improve their lives. 


We welcome everyone of any age, gender, culture and religion to learn and practice meditation together. This group has already helped me practice more regularly in return and I hope that this group can support many others to start discovering their true-nature.


Currently, I host free Chan meditation class and meetups regularly and visit Lu Mountain Temple to learn and practice Chan further. 

Shana Han is the founder of Hansderma, Inc. and currently, she serves as the president and executive officer of Hansderma, Inc.

Hello, my name is Miguel, 


I learned about Chan meditation, through Lu Mountain Temple's website.


I had read Venerable Master Hsuan Hua's books and was greatly impressed by his words, so I decided to find a temple that would practice his teachings.


I decided to participate in Chan Qi (2014) to learn how to meditate, but it was so hard that I had to run away on the third day. I couldn't take it. Anyway I still continued to practice at home and listened to some talks that are posted regularly on the website, and eventually worked my way to 1h half lotus and then started doing full lotus. It took me around a year to do full lotus. This year I went to LMT for another Chan Qi, and I managed to stay a couple more days than the last time, in no small part due to everyone's support at the temple.


I have been practicing martial arts and Chi Kung (or Qi Gong) for 9 years - I have travelled as far as Southeast Asia to find a good teacher - and although we learn some very special skills, I feel that Chan enables you to go faster and deeper if you are sincere, ie, if you are willing to work diligently.


I hope that everyone in this group can attest to the tremendous benefits of Chan meditation and make progress quickly and swiftly; it is very hard to find teachings you can rely on.

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