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We are here to help. Contact us if you have any questions about meditation. If you are interested in inviting a speaker in your area, please submit the contact form with your information.

Cultivation is analogous to farming:  we need to plant the correct seeds and put in hard work before we can reap the harvest.  Consequently, Chan students are taught the proper thoughts which one should plant in the field of the mind.  Nurturing or cultivating such thoughts results in the absence of confusion and the presence of focus.


And further, you can actively lay the foundations for your future progress by diligently planting your blessings and developing virtue.  Though it is incredibly difficult to attain even the initial stages of enlightenment, if you are sincere in your efforts, and you do not quit, then you will be planting the seeds to one day unfold your transcendental wisdom.


We want to help you plant the seeds for future understanding.  It takes quite a while for you to get there.  But it is imperative that you plant the seeds for them to eventually sprout in the fertile field of your mind.  When the conditions are right, the seeds will germinate, and then you will naturally understand, without having to think about it.


From Chan Handbook, Dharma Master YongHua


Full Lotus Foundation

The first Chan Meditation in the Park meetup was organized in Downey, California in May 2015. Chan meditation in the Park meetups are now organized in various cities. We improve ourselves and thus we improve our community. With this spirit, we hope that Full Lotus foundation will be established so that we can provide free chan meditation classes and workshops to those who wish to learn.

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