Meditation: What to Do & What Not to Do

1. I was taught to sit or lay down as comfortable as possible and relax during meditation. Why do you recommend to sit in full lotus? Wouldn't it be distractive for meditation due to the leg pain?

We teach people to sit in half or full lotus posture and endure the discomfort from the beginning. It might seem too difficult at first, however, everyone can do it as long as people are willing to work hard. The benefits and results are far much better, quicker and more solid. Mostly, people come to learn meditation from us because the comfortable way didn't work for them. If you try it, you will see for yourself. Your mind will become a lot more patient, calmer and stronger throughout the day, even when you have lots of external stresses. Because you already trained not to react to difficult conditions, you will find everything else a lot easier. You may struggle a lot at the beginning, but after you struggle, your mind will become more peaceful and calm.

If your happiness always depends on external conditions such as how comfortable we can sit or lay down, how good the meditation feels and so on, how can you ever become happy? Instead, we teach you to endure and put up with difficulties and do not react to it, you will be forced to look within and understand who you are and how your mind functions in a deeper level. You will naturally feel relaxed, peaceful and calm with any conditions.

2. Can I focus on breathing?

You can achieve pretty good results by focusing on breathing or do breathe counting meditation. However, we do not recommend this. There are two reasons. When you focus on breathing, you tend to intervene or meddle your breathe. According to Buddhist Sutra, Buddha said to be just aware but do not intervene the breathing during meditation. However, people have tendency to do so when they use this method. Additionally, breathing method wouldn't be able to take you all the way. Instead, we recommend you to focus on the navel during meditation. If you sit regularly and develop meditation skills, your breathing will naturally become slower and deeper without manipulating it.

Focus on your navel. In general, we tend to think too much. For example, if you focus on the spot between the eyes, your Qi (energy) will go to head area so you won't be able to reduce your thinking mind effectively.

3. Guided Meditation.